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Practice Areas


We will help you resolve your matter efficiently and in a unique, cost-effective manner tailored to your business needs.

Government Affairs

Whether you're starting a business, petitioning a request,
or dealing with a zoning issue, we'll help get you squared away.

Corporate & Tax Services

Navigating Corporate and Tax Law can be tricky. We will guide you through the intricacies of the law and provide sound advice to assist you.

Real Estate

Avoid the pitfalls of estate property transactions with one of the most trusted and experienced Real Estate partners in Central Florida.

éclat law has four main practice areas: Litigation, Corporate & Tax Services, Government Affairs, and Real Estate Closing Services. Each area is designed to cover the array of circumstances that any client may encounter. Moreover, éclat Law’s practice areas were established to compliment situations where legal issues may overlap, as they so frequently do.

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