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Our transportation clients include companies in the aviation, motor carrier, railroad, maritime and automotive industries. That said, everyone’s litigation needs are different, and we endeavor to meet every challenge by partnering with our clients and seeking the best possible resolution. Our commitment to understanding a client’s business enables us to handle the matters at hand, anticipate the issues, and help our clients make smarter decisions.

Transportation industry litigation often stems from personal injury or property damage resulting from accidents. We make it a priority to be available 24 hours a day, every day, so that we can be on the scene of the accident within hours, whether that scene is a motor carrier accident on a distant interstate or a tanker collision in the Gulf of Mexico. We evaluate the gravity of an accident; counsel and protect the company and its employees; preserve evidence; work with law enforcement personnel; identify and interview witnesses; arrange for local adjusters, photographers, reconstructionists and other experts as needed; and use our experience to anticipate and avoid issues detrimental to the company.

No matter the type of litigation, our willingness to take difficult cases to trial, and our reputation for winning them, places our clients in the best possible position with opposing parties in settlement negotiations or trial.

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