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Kevin K. Ross-Andino, Esq.

Managing Partner, Corporate Litigation Attorney

Our managing partner and senior trial lawyer, Kevin represents a wide range of clients (foreign and domestic, businesses and individuals). As our lead litigator, Kevin devises and implements solutions to a wide array of legal challenges and disputes. As our managing partner, he focuses his energies on controlling overhead and saving our client’s money.

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Jolynn M. Falto-Tomas, Esq.

Director & Partner

Jolynn Falto-Tomas has a passion for Administrative Law. Yes, you read that right. This decidedly underrated area of law appeals to her precisely because it is as vital as it is undervalued. Regulatory agencies wield tremendous – and often all-too overwhelming – power. Rule-driven, and some would say mysteriously archaic, tackling the Administrative law process is a challenge few welcome. Jolynn is one of those few.

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Amanda M. Kennedy, LL.M

Corporate & Tax Attorney

Amanda has an LL.M in Taxation from Boston University where she focused primarily on Corporate and Small Business Taxation as well as Trusts, Estates, and Charitable Tax Planning.

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Lisa Bolinger

Law Clerk

Lisa is a law clerk in the firm focusing on business litigation and corporate matters. She assists the attorneys in the firm in legal research, writing legal documents, and other client matters.

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Kyle Brown

Law Clerk

Kyle is a Law Clerk focusing on business litigation and transaction matters. He assists attorneys in the firm with legal research, drafting documents, and other client matters.

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Catalina Rodriguez

Law Clerk

Catalina is a Law Clerk focusing on business litigation and real estate matters. She assists attorneys in the firm with legal research, writing documents, and other client matters.

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Katina M. Penland-Ross

Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer

Katina oversees all administrative and financial aspects of the firm including the management of our human resources, business development, facilities and systems management, and she ensures that our clients enjoy a positive and effective experience with the firm.

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Jester Claudio

Sr. Paralegal/Case Manager

Jester is a senior paralegal in our Family Law, Probate and Guardianship practice. Jester assists our attorneys in all aspects of the client experience, from preparing initial case pleadings, to assisting the team in preparing cases for hearings and trials.

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Marybeth Luiz

Mary Beth Luiz

Real Estate Business Manager & Licensed Title Agent

Mary Beth Luiz is the firm’s Real Estate Business Manager and Licensed Title Agent. She has been a licensed title agent since 2004 and has over 20 years of experience in the title insurance industry.

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Aimee Lloyd, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Aimee Lloyd is the Chief Marketing Officer at éClat Law. As a Marketing Professional, she not only gets to do what she loves, but she gets to work with amazing people each day.

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  • Litigation

    Our attorneys simplify complex legal issues and guide clients toward the successful resolution of commercial disputes. The business litigation team at eClat Law has the experience to identify and execute winning strategies in contract cases, tort claims and other legal matters.
  • Business Counseling

    Whether you're launching a new venture or require assistance with an ongoing operation, knowledgeable legal advice is crucial. For assistance selecting the proper business entity, skillful contract preparation and other key tasks, our firm delivers professional support, tailored to your needs.
  • Real Estate Transactions & Closings

    Owning your own residential or commercial real estate property is the American dream. When it comes to closing of your property, you can’t afford to take chances on missing information or incomplete paperwork. Trust the law firm of eclat law to focus on YOUR legal rights. We assist with guiding our clients through real estate transactions of all types and represent buyers as well as sellers.
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