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In need of alternative dispute resolution?

If you are in need of mediation or arbitration services, the éClat Centre for Dispute Resolution can help.

Kevin K. Ross-Andino

Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court and Appellate Mediator
Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator

Mediation Services

One of the services the firm provides most often is business mediation.  Parties to business mediation may be individuals, small businesses, national or international companies who find themselves in a dispute over a contract, employment, or real estate.  The role of the business mediator is to help the parties identify and prioritize their respective interests, recognize and overcome any roadblocks to settlement, and to facilitate the communications between the parties necessary to reach an amicable solution.

Commercial mediation covers a depth and breadth of dispute resolution work that defies a comprehensive definition.  The parties to a commercial mediation may be individuals, business owners, banks, contractors, insurance companies, trust companies, real estate owners, governmental bodies, or any combination thereof.  The cases which can be submitted to commercial mediation include such things as first-party insurance claims, breaches of contract, business torts, eminent domain, mortgage foreclosures, and real property boundary disputes.  Cases of this type are often difficult and expensive to litigate.  Commercial mediation can save litigants thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expense, as well as months or years of time, thus allowing the parties to resolve their dispute quickly and efficiently.

Arbitration Services

Arbitration is an adjudicative process in which an experienced third party neutral (or panel of neutrals) serves to resolve disputes through an orderly hearing and award process without judicial intervention. Done properly, it can be a cost effective, expedient, and efficient means of resolving complex commercial disputes.  Members of the firm are frequently asked to arbitrate claims initiated under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association, the International Institute of Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and privately administered proceedings.

  • Litigation

    Our attorneys simplify complex legal issues and guide clients toward the successful resolution of commercial disputes. The business litigation team at eClat Law has the experience to identify and execute winning strategies in contract cases, tort claims and other legal matters.
  • Business Counseling

    Whether you're launching a new venture or require assistance with an ongoing operation, knowledgeable legal advice is crucial. For assistance selecting the proper business entity, skillful contract preparation and other key tasks, our firm delivers professional support, tailored to your needs.
  • Real Estate Transactions & Closings

    Owning your own residential or commercial real estate property is the American dream. When it comes to closing of your property, you can’t afford to take chances on missing information or incomplete paperwork. Trust the law firm of eclat law to focus on YOUR legal rights. We assist with guiding our clients through real estate transactions of all types and represent buyers as well as sellers.
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