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Aimee Lloyd is the Chief Marketing Officer at éClat Law. As a Marketing Professional, she not only gets to do what she loves, but she gets to work with amazing people each day.

She utilizes her Marketing knowledge by working with an amazing group of attorneys who allow her to express her empathy and passion by connecting business professionals to the necessary resources and advisors to realize their dreams. The team at éClat Law provides her with an environment where her Marketing Expertise and Core Values are aligned. Each day she gets the chance to help business leaders realize their dreams and run efficient companies in a more profitable manner.

If you know anything about Aimee, you know she is passionate about helping people as well as underprivileged communities, so you might be wondering how she ended up working at a Business Law Firm instead of a Non-Profit. he can’t take all the credit for being where she is today, but she does acknowledge that she jumped on the right opportunities when presented to her. God put the right people and the right situations in front of Aimee at just the right time.

Aimee’s heart for helping people led her to earn her college degree in Psychology and Sociology. Being one of those “nerdy” people who love school, she decided to continue her education by completing her MBA with a focus in Marketing and Management. After working in Non-Profit for almost 5 years, she came to a decision to start utilizing her business expertise in combination with her desire and passion to help people. She spent almost 15 years working with business leaders from all different industries and learning about what drives them and gets them out of bed in the morning.

Aimee is excited to continue assisting business owners and professionals with their legal needs with the goal of accomplishing their professional goals and dreams.